Types of Doors for Door Installation in Aventura, FL

Have you ever wanted something that really makes your home stand out? Have you been thinking about different ways to add some spunk to your home in Aventura, Florida? Well, we have an easy recommendation.

Have you thought about getting a new door? Yes, an entry door! If you want to make a great impression of your home, the best way is to make a grand entrance, right? C’mon, it’s the greatest idea, ever, ever, ever!

Now that you have a discovered a great way to make a great first impression, do you know the different door types out there? There are many types of doors and since we know about doing a door installation in Aventura, FL, we want to help you out.

So, we made a list that we think will come in handy for you and we know you will certainly appreciate it. It’s nothing too crazy, just a little FYI from MIA Construction Services, your general contractor in Miami, FL.

Well, here we go!

Types of Doors for Door Installation in Aventura, FL


Sturdy, low-maintenance, and affordable, a metal door is always a good choice. Steel is a popular and a metal door is strong and comes in different finishes as well.


Always a great choice and the absolute perfect choice for a new door installation in Aventura, FL. A wood door is easily customizable and comes in a wide variety of finishes.  A glass with unlimited combos.


This is a style and not a material, dutch doors are divided horizontally, so the top half can be open while the bottom half remains closed. Always a great choice for someone that wants to be different and stand out from everyone else.


This is also a style and not a material a French, or casement, doors usually come in pairs, with each door featuring a frame around one or more window panels, French doors typically are installed to introduce formal living areas or to provide access to outdoor living areas, but we thought you would like to know about it.


Energy efficient, durable, and affordable and extremely popular. With a fiberglass door, you can always emulate wood or anything else, really.


This is also a style and not a material, but the barn door has been gaining a lot of traction. Typically, not something you see in Aventura, FL but it’s great for someone that wants to add a little country flare to their home.

Well, that’s all we are going to give you for now. We hope this gave you some insight about types of doors and what to do for a door installation in Aventura, FL. Let us know if you need any help.

MIA Construction Services is a general contractor in Miami, FL and provides new door installation in Aventura, FL and in other areas throughout Florida.

General Contractor in Aventura FL Home Remodel Tips

The time has come to finally remodel your home.  It was a long decision-making process, but this time around, you are ready to go!

The decisions you make as a homeowner are very important as to if your Aventura home remodel goes well or not.

Whether you work with a general contractor in Aventura or act as one on your own project, you need to know what’s is going on to avoid the costly and budget killing pitfalls.

To be successful in your home remodel, you need to be able to think like a general contractor. Basically, or simply put, you must see the project just like a general contractor see the project.

Well, you are probably wondering, how do I do that? Let us help you. We would like to give you some home remodel tips.

Take a look below to learn more…

General Contractor in Aventura Home Remodel Tips

Have a design or plan first. Never try to do this alone and never do it by the seat of your pants. Hire an interior designer or architect. MIA Construction can help you with design services. Some projects require an architect…some an interior designer, and sometimes a talented builder will get your aesthetics right. Let us help you plan.

Don’t buy your own materials. Every general contractor in Aventura should be able to get a better deal than you. They buy in bulk and have multiple clients. It may seem like you will save money doing it yourself, but the costs adds up very quickly. Let the general contractors handle it for you.

Be fast with your decision making. This is simple to execute. There are usually project delays, because you take too long to make a decision. The longer you take to make a decision to decide on paint color, faucet selection or anything else, the longer it will take to start a project and finish it. You need to know what you want to do before you start the project. Not change plans during the project. That is a no-no.

Make a smart investment. Some houses can be surely be fixed and others house cannot be fixed. Putting a new floor on a kitchen remodel with sagging foundation is never a good idea. You need to fix the foundation or tear the home down. This is harder to see. Consult with a general contractor in Aventura like MIA Construction to see this issue. It’s not easy to spot.

Don’t be a nag. Of course you would like to see what’s going on, but the more you hang around, the more of a distraction you will be. Also, you can get help. Your home remodel in Aventura is under construction. Take a vacation or do something.

We hope giving you these home remodel tips helps. If you have a kitchen or home remodel in Aventura, contact us. We would love to help!

MIA Construction is a general contractor in Aventura and specializes in kitchen, bathroom and home remodels in Florida.

Shower Installation in Aventura FL

The end of the year is approaching and we all know that it is that time of the year to remodel your bathroom. The best way to remodel your bathroom in our opinion is to renovate the shower.

As you already know, there are many ways to enhance your shower, remodel or upgrade it.

Some of those items include, tiles, doors and the shower head.

Most people do not talk about it, but we like to update the shower head for several reasons. Doing a shower head installation in Aventura is a must if you live in the Aventura, Florida.

Some of the reasons to install a shower head are to save water, to enhance aesthetics and to improve water flow.

We’re here to tell you a few types of shower heads and list the benefits as well. Knowing the types and benefits of shower heads will help your shower install go smoother, save you money and will in the long run make you very happy.

So are you ready?

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