Check Out These Tile Trends for 2020 in Miami

Considering New Bathroom Tile? Check Out These Tile Trends for 2020 in Miami

Tile is one of the best options that you can choose from for bathrooms, but there are a ton of different ones for you to choose from.  In fact, you may find yourself aimlessly wandering around a tile store for hours with no clue of which tile you love the most, let alone which ones work within your budget. 

Thankfully, your contractor can help you through this process.  We assure you that this is true, because this is what we do with all our clients.  Of course, you can always have a head start with this by checking out the tile trends in Miami for 2020. 

Check Out These Tile Trends for 2020

Subway Tile Accents

Subway tiles are the most versatile tiles that you can use in a bathroom, because they are classic and timeless.  These tiles are available in many different colors and patterns, but the most popular ones are white.  We recommend choosing contrasting, yet complimentary, colors to create an elegant look that you will love forever. 

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles cover a larger area, which means that you will need fewer of them in this space.  This type of tile can be an excellent option if you are working with a strict budget.  Large format tiles are also good if you want to make a small bathroom look larger or if you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing individual tiles. 

Glass Mosaic Accents

While tiles look amazing in bathrooms, there is nothing better than creating an accent area using glass mosaics.  This accent area can be done as a stripe, a rectangle, and even an entire wall.  The glass mosaics will add visual appeal, a pop of color, and even a shine to what would otherwise be a basic look. 

When you are looking at all the tile options mentioned above, you will need to make a decision of where the tiles are going in your bathroom.  We usually recommend deciding where you will be installing tiles long before you venture out to look at them, because it makes the entire process much easier. 

After all, if you need tiles for the floors, walls, and inside the shower, you may consider different tiles than you would if you only needed tile for inside the shower or only on the floor. 

Choosing tiles can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming, but a little patience will have you enjoying a completed bathroom of your dreams in no time at all!

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